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The Kaavya Foundation is a platform that fosters the excellence, beauty, and purity of Indian literature, and the art of storytelling.
Kaavya understands the power of the truth, and they encourage and acknowledge young minds to express themselves truthfully.

This project was done with the design agency RED

Brand Workshop Insights

We conducted an online brand workshop where we helped strategise and helped them identify the positioning, purpose-based on target audience and market.

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Brand Voice and Narrative

In the midst of so much competition, the brand needed the voice which stands out to its audience. We brainstormed and came up with the metaphor that helped built the brand narrative.

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It’s story time!

We created a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that Kaavya wanted to convey

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Indian literature has a very rich heritage, much older than its music, sculpture, and painting. 
The beauty of language and love for stories has been appreciated throughout the nation ever since.

Different literary forms found patronage under various rulers. Poetry and literature also played a significant role during the Indian struggle for independence.
But in these changing times, we are losing touch with the high quality Indian literature. Kaavya aspires to bring the belongingness back and wants people to embrace the excellence of Indian literature. 

Kaavya is an open, all-embracing and non-dimensional platform, that wants to bring people together, and give everyone a place to come forward to express themselves through the beauty of their language.

Brand Identity

Firstly we started with iterating the existing logo. We started with English and Devanagari wordmark. We picked up type which shows the inner beauty and personality of Kaavya

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Visual System

The iconography is based out of elements of nature. Always put a watercolour blob behind the icons. The usage of watercolour effect and texture background brings out the liveliness of literature The illustrated flora is used to signify hand drawn, organic and real touch of life to Kaavya. Glyphs of Lora typeface and flora illustrations could be used as an element to create layouts.

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Website Design

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User Persona

Information Architecture


Digital Marketing Design


To build and engage an existing audience of Kaavya on Instagram and Facebook. The intent was to build a community around the literature of India.


We are non-dimensional and open to all.

We cater to a global audience of literary aesthetes. We don't want to reach the masses, but the right people, who value high-quality literature.


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