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Defining the Brand

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The project started with the discovery phase which includes finding the brand purpose, promise, tagline and brand story.

Ideal Positioning Chart

Functional and Emotional Personality

Attributes of MIRRA

Mirra Healthcare

Brand Strategy | Re-branding | Brand Architecture

MIRRA is a Health Care company which provides Third Party Administrator(TPA) services to health plans, IPAs and group practices to make communication simple. They also develop and integrate physician-oriented technology that makes transactions seamless.

This project was done with the design agency RED

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Brand Logo

The logo is derived from the core philosophy and values that MIRRA endures. The logo is one of the most valuable assets for MIRRA, and thus it represents who we are. The symbol represents how MIRRA is evolving; innovating, experimenting and creating groundbreaking solutions with experts around the world to provide smarter healthcare, consciously keeping in mind the people they work for and the people they work with.


Brand System






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