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Empowering Tibetan Community

Communal and Individual Brand Identity

Challenge: The project was to create a unique identity for 129 Tibetan street vendors of McLeodganj. The aim was to conduct research and understand the key problems at the site and come up with a solution which separates them from their competitors (Kashmiri/Nepali).


Project Timeline: 1 month


Outcome: Create a communal and individual identity for Tibetan street vendors. And empower the community to sustain its identity.

Communal identity: Community Map, postcards and social media presence.

Individual identity: ID cards, characters, banners, tags and stickers.

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Key Attributes: Handcrafted, Loud- out there, Distinctive, Classic/vintage, Simple, Fun, Community


  1. The people celebrate humanity and kindness. Religious dominance is quite visible.

  2. One can see preserving, excavating, displaying, or restoring a collection of old things.

  3. Stronghold in culture and tradition, People still wear and eat traditional clothes and food. 

  4. In the gloominess of McLeodganj, one can see bright colours everywhere.

  5. The language and script make them unique.

  6. The unique selling point of the products should be the people and their stories.

Brand Research Insights

Visual Identity


Illustration Style

The characters below were created by observing different Tibetan people—how they sit, dress up and even style their hair. Every little detail of their face and gesture has been studied in detail and then illustrated.

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 6.11.48 PM.jpg
Individual Identity

To promote each individual uniquely, I customised the illustrations as per the work these women and men do. The tags, stickers, stamps, banners and identity cards helped them reveal their real individuality by retaining the cultural value.

Flyer & Postcard nnnMockup 03.jpg
Communal Identity

I designed the communal identity to rejuvenate the essence of the Tibetan community and spread the voice for them through maps and postcards.

The Map represents the community and the eccentric talent that they bring to the streets of McLeodganj. The Map shows the location of Tibetan street vendors of McLeoganj. And the postcards were to keep in the Tibetan cafes for promotion.

Flyer & Postcard Mockups 03.png
Real Time Identity Usage 

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