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Hey there! I'm Anjali (She/Her)

Thank you for stopping by...


👮‍♀️ When I was a kid, I wanted to be an army officer, but life took some unexpected turns and here I am.

🏠 I've grown up in a joint family with 19 people in total.

🍫️ I have a sweet tooth (if you'd want to bribe me, you know what you have to do now).

🖼 For the first time in my entire life, I've started living on my own and it's a great feeling! It was always friends, siblings and annoying roommates before.

🎭I have recently got a tattoo. And I'm going to get another one soon.

🌿I am consciously Vegan for the past 2 years.

🍵I can't start my day without my special hot tea.

🌅I'm a legit morning person.

🌈I like to colour my hair from time to time. My next colour choice is coral pink and purple.

👩🏻‍🎓️ I am a Communication Design graduate. I wanted to pursue illustration as my niche skill until I discovered the power of brands.

📺 My favourite genre of TV is comedy-drama, and the social issue related TV shows and documentaries.

😻😻😻 I am a proud aunt and foster parent of 3 fur babies Oliver, Dodo and Simba.

💛 My favourite colour is yellow (and you could go and check out my life at @yellowyellowdirtyfellow___ to know more about me).

🛹 I would love to try my hands on, oops! legs on a longboard. (I might pick this up next month)




These three are my recipe for work, process and way of living a life

As creative thinkers and doers, we have the power to change the world, one pixel at a time. With that power comes great responsibility. We (you and I) can use our creative magic to create meaningful work that solves problems and improves lives.

I have learnt what works, what doesn’t, and how to observe, listen, and create designs that are expertly tailored to the ideal audience.

Capabilities wise

Brand Naming

What people call you.

Brand architecture

Social media, app stores, search due diligence

Domain name availability and guidance

Brand Strategy

Who and what you are.

Brand DNA

Brand Positioning

Brand Tagline

Brand Persona & Personality

Brand Pillars

Tone of Voice

The way you talk.


Key Messaging

Brand Story 

Brand Narrative

Unique Vocabulary and Jargons

Visual Design

The way you look

Brand Logo/ Identity


Colour Palette

Iconography / Illustrations

Marketing Communication

Let's get this done, shall we?

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